[OLSR-users] olsrd 0.4.8 first test

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Thu Dec 30 13:51:05 CET 2004

Hi Nach,

Some quick answers:

> 1- I've noticed (and like) the new per-interface parameter configuration.
> However, I'd like to specify some parameters for ALL interfaces and then
> override these defaults for specific interfaces. Is this possible ?.

At first(0.4.8-pre) the configuration was done by creating interface
config groups and tieing them to interfaces. But after some discussion it
was decided that it was all-over easier to just put the config directly
into the interface section(cut'n paste).
So it is not possible do set global interface variables.

> 2- The interface setup code (ifnet.c) keeps rejecting point-to-point
> interfaces (in my case ALL of them) because they don't have a broadcast
> address, despite I'm specifying the broadcast address to use in the
> configuration file. As I did in 0.4.5, I solved it by commenting out some
> code in ifnet.c, but I feel it should be fixed by trying to get the
> interface broadcast address ONLY when it has not been explicitly set in
> the
> configuration file.

I'll look into that for 0.4.9!

> 3- OLSRD seems to take the "main address" from the last interface
> specified
> in the configuration file. In case one is interested in getting the main
> address from one specific interface, I feel forcing the user to place that
> interface last in the configuration file is not right. There should be a
> way
> to tell olsrd which interface will provide the main address, and even if
> this is not specified, taking the first interface would probably be more
> intuitive.

This is because of the linked list structure that the interface
configuration is read into. The last becomes the first and the first
becomes the last :)
But it is no problem changing this - still I don't see that this is very
important to users. But I'll set it as default to the last interface in
the internal list for 0.4.9 and perhaps add a option for the configfile.

> 4- Happy Christmas and happy new year to all!!! (mmm... not actually
> related
> to 0.4.8 :-)

Same to you :-)

- Andreas

Andreas T√łnnesen

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