[OLSR-users] New User, OLSRD plugin powerinfo question

Daniel Jaskiewicz (spam-protected)
Fri Dec 24 14:34:05 CET 2004

Hello everyone, I just started playing with the OLSRD yesterday and I am 
having trouble installing the plugin correctly, or it might be my system.
I have a Debian System running on a 2.4.27 kernel.
In the olsrd.conf I wrote the following to find the powerinfo plugin;
LoadPlugin "olsrd_power.so.0.3"

when I run olsrd I get the following:
---------- Plugin loader ----------
Library: olsrd_power.so.0.3
OLSRD Powerstatus plugin 0.3 by Andreas Tønnesen
Checking plugin interface version.... 2 - OK
Trying to fetch register function....OK
Trying to fetch plugin IO function....OK
Trying to fetch param function....FAILED: "olsrd: undefined symbol: 
Running registration function...
Node has APM info!
---------- LIBRARY LOADED ----------

Im not sure what parameters should be specified there is nothing in the 
When I telnet to port 8888: I only get the following

None of the battery or AC infomation is being displayed, where is the 
problem. Is the kernel too old?
Thanks for the help in advance, no rush for the response, its Christmas so 
enjoy it!!!

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