[OLSR-users] Problem on subnet routing

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Thu Dec 23 09:57:54 CET 2004

Hi all,

I have a small manet which includes 3 laptops. laptop
A is the gateway to Internet, B and C is the mobile
router. A, B and C are running OLSR. For both B and C,
each of them is the gateway of another small lan which
only have one laptop connected, let them be Client pc
D and E which are not running OLSR.

My problem is D and E are unable to ping6 to A which
is the gateway to Internet. After I monitor the
traffic, I found that it is because A don't have the
route to D and E which are not running OLSR. 

I doubt if OLSR only setup routes for nodes that
running OLSR and don't setup the route to the
sub-networks connected to one of the Mobile node. If
in that case, I have to manually setup the route to
each subnet which is undesirable.  I am wondering if
there is a way to solve it.

Any idea? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Xia Yang

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