[OLSR-users] removing olsrd-0.4.7 and installing olsrd-0.4.8

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Tue Dec 7 22:29:24 CET 2004

Hi Audsin,

No, a make clean will not remove content installed by make install.
For the next version I think we'll include a make uninstall target
for this purpose.
However, a make install of 0.4.8 will overwrite the old (0.4.7)install.

Some of the plugins have new versions, and when it comes to shared
libraries the version number is part of the file name. So here
a reinstall of new versions will not overwrite the old ones. But
when adding plugins to the config file you have to specify the
filename, so there will be no redundancy-type problems. You will
only have a few extra obsolete .so files installed. You can remove
all old olsrd plugins before installing new ones by doing a
rm -i /usr/lib/olsr*
given you have installed the libs using make install.

We'll have a better solution for this in 0.4.9 :)

- Andreas

Audsin dev wrote:
> Hi
> I am currently using olsrd-0.4.7. I am planning to
> remove 0.4.7 and install 0.4.8. I wish to confirm if
> "make clean" in the home directory of olsrd-0.4.7 is
> sufficient to completely remove version 0.4.7 or
> should i perform some other instructions to completely
> remove 0.4.7 from my systems.In addition i have
> enabled powerinfo and dyn_gw libs. I hope "make clean"
> in their respective home directories will un-install
> them completely from my linux box
> For example if i have my olsrd-0.4.7  in /
> [(spam-protected)] cd /olsrd-0.4.7
> [(spam-protected)]make clean (hope this is sufficient to
> un-install olsrd-0.4.7)
> [(spam-protected)]cd lib/powerinfo 
> [(spam-protected)]make clean  (hope this is sufficient to
> un-install powerinfo)
> [(spam-protected)]cd /olsrd-0.4.7/lib/dyn_gw
> [(spam-protected)]make clean (hope this is sufficient to
> un-install dyn_gw lib)
> Many Thanks
> Dev
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Andreas T√łnnesen

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