[OLSR-users] removing olsrd-0.4.7 and installing olsrd-0.4.8

Audsin dev (spam-protected)
Tue Dec 7 22:02:43 CET 2004


I am currently using olsrd-0.4.7. I am planning to
remove 0.4.7 and install 0.4.8. I wish to confirm if
"make clean" in the home directory of olsrd-0.4.7 is
sufficient to completely remove version 0.4.7 or
should i perform some other instructions to completely
remove 0.4.7 from my systems.In addition i have
enabled powerinfo and dyn_gw libs. I hope "make clean"
in their respective home directories will un-install
them completely from my linux box

For example if i have my olsrd-0.4.7  in /

[(spam-protected)] cd /olsrd-0.4.7
[(spam-protected)]make clean (hope this is sufficient to
un-install olsrd-0.4.7)
[(spam-protected)]cd lib/powerinfo 
[(spam-protected)]make clean  (hope this is sufficient to
un-install powerinfo)
[(spam-protected)]cd /olsrd-0.4.7/lib/dyn_gw
[(spam-protected)]make clean (hope this is sufficient to
un-install dyn_gw lib)

Many Thanks

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