[OLSR-users] dot_draw segfaults if no neighbors

Thomas Lopatic (spam-protected)
Sat Dec 4 17:35:36 CET 2004

> No :). Is that a problem?

Erm, if you consider segfaulting a problem, then yes. Otherwise no. :-)

We currently have redundant includes. (Yes, this is a bit ugly. But we're
working on it.) Some includes in the plugin directories duplicate
information - e.g. struct definitions - from the includes in the olsrd
source directory.

The problem is that for some structs it makes a difference whether
USE_LINK_QUALITY is defined or not. If it is defined, then these structs
contain additional fields. The plugin includes currently assume that olsrd
is compiled with USE_LINK_QUALITY, as this option will soon be removed and
the USE_LINK_QUALITY behaviour will be the default.

Don't worry, USE_LINK_QUALITY does not necessarily mean that the link
quality extensions are used. For that you have to also set the
LinkQualityLevel parameter in the configuration file. USE_LINK_QUALITY
only means that the link quality extensions MAY be used by setting the
LinkQualityLevel in the configuration file.


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