[OLSR-users] Dot Draw segfaults on mipsel

John Gorkos (spam-protected)
Fri Dec 3 22:10:31 CET 2004

  Due to a radio failure, I had to restructure my network in a hurry.  Now, 
instead of the x86 PC I was using as a gateway, I've got a WRT54GS router in 
place, with the internet connected to vlan0 and the mesh on eth1.  The 
problem I'm getting is that dot_draw segfaults on startup.

the dot_draw plugin would segfault on initialization in .4.7, and makes it 
through initialization and then segfaults when the first connection is made 
under CVS .4.8.

Does anyone have a working dot_draw plugin compiled for mipsel architecture?  
For better or worse, it has become a critical part of my network management 
suite and not having it really puts a crimp on my ability to effective manage 
my network.

John Gorkos

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