[OLSR-users] Same IP address for several interfaces

Ignacio García Pérez (spam-protected)
Wed Dec 1 09:59:44 CET 2004

> On Tuesday 30 of November 2004 18:46, Ignacio García Pérez wrote:
> > I have a small stup of three nodes here that I may try. Do you
> know if the
> > your patch has been merged into the upcoming 0.4.8 version ?
> Unfortunately not:
> http://www.olsr.org/pipermail/olsr-users/2004-September/000204.html:

Ok, If I understood it right, there are two problems:

1- Instead of using the IP address of a local interface to refer to it, use
some other scheme that really ensures it is unique, for example
IP/interface_name. BUT, what about HELLOs received from other nodes?... we
cannot know the interface name through which they went out.

2- Some OSes do not allow binding a socket to a specific interface.

Regarding (1), the problem seems to be using a unique identifier to refer to
links when remote interface IP is no longer unique. What about using IP plus
the interface through it was received ?:

Interface {

Link {
	interface *

I think this would work and would allow clean interface and link management.
Of course, I know next to nothing about olsrd internals, so, please feel
free to correct me.

Regarding (2), Andreas meant that whatever the workaround to SO_BINDTODEVICE
that is being used in the BSD port, will not work in this situation. Well,
so be it. If someone is in such a special case as you and me are, he might
as well switch to othe OS.

> "So since this non RFC-compliant "extention" of the protocol will
> not operate
> in the general case I _do not think I will include it in the main olsrd
> code_."

Can you please explain why is your patch "non RFC-compliant" ?

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