[OLSR-users] Behavior in IPv6

zze-GALLET DE SANTERRE Etienne FTRD/DMR/ISS (spam-protected)
Fri Apr 30 16:43:58 CEST 2004


I have a strange behaviour with olsrd-gui when I use it in IPv6;
In fact, it seems the list of routes isn't updated so I have list with
around 50 routes available with only 5 PC on my MANET (of course, most
of routes are identical). So it upsets me a little when I want to get
the current route. I precise this list is updated without any problem
when I use olsr in IPv4.
My second question is still with the list of routes in GUI: the gateway
(for each destination) is the first seven bytes of the IPv6 global
address coupled with the interface's name (eg: 2001:688:1f88:40eth1). Is
this behaviour normal or not?
Finally, I notice that my number of hops has a difference of 1 between
the use in ipv4 and ipv6; I mean that for 4 PC in a line (ie
x---x---x---x, so 3 hops), the GUI indicates 3 hops in IPv4 and only 2
in IPv6, the first hop doesn't seem to count as one. Am I right or is it
a problem in my network? (this difference in the number of hops is not
very important for me, it's just to be sure there isn't any hidden
problem with my use in IPv6)


PS: 	olsrd version:0.4.3
	olsrd-gui version: 0.2.5

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