[OLSR-users] link quality / forcing hops

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Tue Apr 27 11:24:23 CEST 2004


I'm building a residential mesh network with Linkys Wrt54g + OpenWrt b2 + OLSR.
All is working fine. But I have a problem. I would like to make some long links
not very reliable done with hops. How can I force thoses hops ?

I have not changed any parameters used to evaluate link quality ( mainly
hysteresis parameters).

You can see a map of my real configuration here :


there is 3 points : 51, 54, 57. I thing link reliability for 51 to 57 would
be the best if the link goes throw point 54. But OLSR protocol detect
a sufficiant link quality so actual route do not contains 54 gateway.

Can I change some parameters in Unik OLSRd.conf to achieve that goal ?


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