[Olsr-dev] Help required to see DLEP in action

Nagarjun G (spam-protected)
Wed Jul 10 09:28:27 CEST 2019

Hi All,

I am new to OLSR. Trying to run OLSR and DLEP for first time.
Asking few basic questions.
I have a setup with 2 vm's. One vm for dlep router with eth0 enabled and
second vm for dlep radio with eth0 enabled. Both are able to ping each
other. All I am trying to do initially is, see how dlep discovery is
happening and the way session is established. Later I would be bothered
about exchanging the stats of the radio.

Questions I have:
1) I see only one conf file for dlep radio, do we need to create a separte
dlep_router.conf file for dlep router or creating a section
[dlep_router=eth0]inside dlep_radio.conf would be sufficient?

2) How do I start the dlep radio and dlep router process and see discovery
and session related packets.

   I tried doing ./dlep_radio_static --set log.debug=dlep_router. I could
see "  INFO(dlep_router) src/libcore/oonf_subsystem.c 436: Plugin
dlep_router started " message saying dlep router started. But I dont see
any packets being exchanged related to discovery and session establishment
either when tried capturing with wireshark or any logs on console.

My conf file looks like this on dlep router.
$ cat ../configuration/dlep_radio.conf

On dlep radio:
$ cat ../configuration/dlep_router.conf
      datapath_if     eth0


Am I doing anything wrong in conf file ?

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