[Olsr-dev] Olsrd v0.9.5 and plugin jsoninfo

Ferry Huberts (spam-protected)
Thu Dec 22 09:18:53 CET 2016

On 22/12/16 09:10, (spam-protected) wrote:
> After success compile olsrd 0.9.5 I have update package on my openwrt router
> I have use plug-in jsoninfo to get information 'links' and 'routes'
> use following command:
> echo /links | nc 9090
> Now after upgrade to v0.9.5 plugin jsoninfo crash olsrd when I have

Please provide your commands and the backtrace.

Also - from the changelog - read this:

Note: The txtinfo and jsoninfo plugins were 'merged' to use a common
      codebase for receiving requests and dispatching replies. Also,
      these plugins were subjected to review and fixes. As a result:
      - request handling has become much stricter, e.g. a txtinfo
        request '/links' will no longer work since the correct request is
        (and has always been) '/lin'.
      - some fixes change the format and/or content of txtinfo and/or
        jsoninfo output. An example is the txtinfo output of the request
        '/mid' when 'vtime' is enabled on txtinfo; this has been broken
        since the end of 2009 (c555a44).
      - invalid requests will return HTTP error status code
        "Not Found" (404) when HTTP headers are enabled, and report
        an error in the output when they are not enabled.
      - requests without output will return HTTP error status code
        "No Content" (204) when HTTP headers are enabled, and report
        an error in the output when they are not enabled.

      It is VERY strongly advised to check your scripts and applications
      interfacing with olsrd txtinfo and/or jsoninfo before switching
      to this version of olsrd.

> use check following
> parameters
> links
> routes
> topology
> interfaces
> when I have check following parameters
> hna
> gateways
> mid
> neighbors
> 2hop
> sgw
> I have information from jsoninfo and olsrd not crash
> I have check olsrd 0.9.5 compiled and running on debian all working OK
> but under openwrt
> crash process when I want to get information about links and routes
> Anybody have similar problems with olsrd 0.9.5 running under openwrt ????
> Regards
> Waldek

Ferry Huberts

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