[Olsr-dev] PlParam "IP.ADDR" "another-name.mesh"

Giuseppe De Marco (spam-protected)
Sat Jan 3 23:55:49 CET 2015

2015-01-03 11:33 GMT+01:00 Conrad Lara <(spam-protected)>:
> Is this a Commotion only change that it doesn't accept it? or something that just recently was pulled out?  Quick glancing the code it looks like it still should work to me.
> I am using this feature on my network (0.6.7) from OLSR.org with BBHN patch sets that don't touch nameservice) without issue.
> This is the exception to the normal rule of having a setting name value pair in that it uses the IP address is where the parameter name normally is and the value is the hostname.
> Make sure you are using a properly formatted IP address. Also the IP used has to be in your local list of OLSR listens addresses OR your HNA announcement range otherwise it will be thrown out as invalid.

looking at /var/run/hosts_olsr

(spam-protected):~# cat /var/run/hosts_olsr
### this /etc/hosts file is overwritten regularly by olsrd
### do not edit localhost
::1 localhost myhostR # myself Bri # midolini # (mid #1) mini # (mid #2)

these are the olsr hostnames that we get through olsr.
We're also looking for a feature, inside nameservice plugin, that
could announce custom hostnames that are working in every HNA.
Imagine that we want to resolve an static hostname inside an HNA, a
server name for example.
We are looking for a P2P DNS but olsr-nameservice could do that if we
could insert a static hostname/ip inside olsr nameserver's
configuration in a way that every olsr node could resolve it in its

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