[Olsr-dev] broadband-hamnet.org users joining olsr-dev list

Joe Ayers (spam-protected)
Thu Sep 4 01:13:44 CEST 2014

Hi all,

A couple of us from the http://broadband-hamnet.org group are joining this
list.  We will be lurking and occasionally seeking to collaborate on issues
we encounter.    olsr is a key feature that our community is using.   We
are building meshes on top of http://www.openwrt.org and
http://www.buildroot.org using Ubiquiti and Linksys hardware in the Amateur
Radio community.

The v1 secure plugin was recently included in our builds and we have run
into a few showstopper type issues for which an overflow and uninitialized
variable have so far been submitted bugs.   We're still working through
stabilizing v1 for our needs.   The v2 effort is of much interest to us as
well, so we'd like to be aware of this journey.   We are open to being
early users/testers of olsr v2 on our live meshes sprouting up all over the
world.  While there have been others in wave 1 you may have meet in the
past, there are 2 of us joining this list from the wave 2 HamNet effort in
our community:

1) Joe Ayers AE6XE (I joined HamNet more recently)
2) Conrad Lara  AG6JEI (principle developer implementing wave 2)

To give you an idea of what we're up to (in case you would like to expand
your job/hobby :) ),  here's a picture of a couple of our mesh nodes (OK,
so this pic is before I properly aligned the sector antenna):

Our nodes tend to be many kilometers apart.   We have meshes springing up
around the world with conquer-the-world visions of interconnecting our
meshes.  Today we have numerous individuals with ~3 nodes and many 10s of
node clusters, Conrad and I will join our meshes at some point on the west
coast to linkup San Diego area with Orange County.  We'll suddenly be 100s
of nodes at that time and growing.

Feel free to see the view and weather in Southern California from a node's
ipCam shown in the attached pic. This is a tandem bridge on 5Ghz (sector
panel) and 2.4Ghz (omni antenna).   You will be accessing the node over a
~10km RF 2.4gHz link.    user=password="view".
 requires windows only plugin.  Note IR mode to see at night (lamp icon).
 click on screen to move the camera to look around.

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