[Olsr-dev] Olsrd2 (OONF) Release v.0.6.0

Vigneswaran R (spam-protected)
Tue Nov 18 13:10:05 CET 2014


I noticed that the latest olsrd2 (built from unified 'oonf' git repo) is 
not listening on the UDP port 269, thus not establishing any routes. On 
the other hand, if I build the olsrd2 from olsrd2, oonf_api 
reporsitories, it is working properly. Am I missing something?

(I am not using any configuration files. Just specifying the interface 
name in the command line).

Additional information:-

# /usr/local/bin/olsrd2_static -v
  OLSRd2 version 0.6.0
  Git commit: v0.6.0-6-ge98f2e3
Visit http://www.olsr.org
Static plugin: class
Static plugin: clock
Static plugin: duplicate_set
Static plugin: ff_dat_metric
Static plugin: interface
Static plugin: layer2
Static plugin: layer2info
Static plugin: link_config
Static plugin: neighbor_probing
Static plugin: nhdp
Static plugin: nhdpinfo
Static plugin: nl80211_listener
Static plugin: olsrv2
Static plugin: olsrv2info
Static plugin: os_clock
Static plugin: os_net
Static plugin: os_routing
Static plugin: os_system
Static plugin: packet_socket
Static plugin: rfc5444
Static plugin: socket
Static plugin: stream_socket
Static plugin: telnet
Static plugin: timer
Static plugin: viewer



On 11/08/2014 05:03 PM, Henning Rogge wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> after a lot of coding this week I released version 0.6.0 of the new
> routing agent... which changed A LOT of things.
> I finally managed to unify the code in the three repositories
> (oonf_api, olsrd2, dlep_app) and put them together into a new
> repository called oonf.git (OLSR.org Network Framework).
> Important changes:
> * plugins can now have dependencies to other plugins.
> * all former subsystems are now plugins, no "you need them all" anymore.
> * RFC5444 parser/generator API has been integrated into the oonf_rfc5444 plugin.
> * the dynamic build is working, so the three remaining APIs (common,
> config, core) can be used as shared libraries.
> * two new build targets (make static, make dynamic) allow you only to
> build the static-linked or dynamic linked executable.
> * Openwrt build should be faster now (it doesn't build the shared
> libraries anymore)
> (of course the v0.6.0 contains a lot of bugfixes that were done before
> the unification work).
> The old repositories are still there for reference, but you should
> clone the new one... having everything in one repository simplifies a
> lot of things.
> see http://olsr.org/git/?p=oonf.git;a=summary for details.
> There is still some cleanup to be done and some Doxygen comments are
> missing, but I will add them over the next week.
> Henning Rogge

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