[Olsr-dev] [OLSRd 0000047]: memory leak on one remote end of point to point link

Jernej Kos (spam-protected)
Fri Nov 14 10:30:16 CET 2014


On 14. 11. 2014 10:22, Henning Rogge wrote:
> just to be absolutely sure, you verified that its olsrd that consumes
> the storage, right?

Valent did the checks, he said that the size of the virtual memory
allocated for the olsrd process is constantly rising and causes the node
to go out of memory if left unchecked.

Note that we are only seeing this behaviour on this one node.

> hmm, is there a computer with a little bit more storage attached to
> the node with the memory leak? If yes we could maybe take a longer
> binary tcpdump and replay it to an olsrd with a valgrind attached (I
> don't think we can run valgrind on your node).

No, I think that valgrind would not fit on this node. As far as a
computer with more storage goes, Valent should be able to answer that.


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