[Olsr-dev] Problem with compile olsrd on SDK AirmaxOS

Ferry Huberts (spam-protected)
Mon Nov 10 11:55:52 CET 2014

I can say that I have zero interest in supporting 2.4 kernels.
Personally I don't even care about 2.6 but I can see that there are 
people out there using it.

AFAIC any 2.4 maintenance has to be done by someone else.
And any patches to that purpose must be non-invasive and well documented :-)

I'm in the process of adding the last big piece to olsrd v1; the missing 
piece of the multi-smart-gateway functionality.
After that olsrd will go into maintenance mode.

New development should (probably) be done on olsrd v2.

On 10/11/14 11:37, Conrad Lara wrote:
> Just tested on 0.6.7 and patch supplied allows full compile under a OpenWRT 7.09 with a 2.4x series kernel.
> Bigger question is:
> Should a system requirement exist that it must be a minimal 2.6 kernel? Sounds like you would be in favor of such a requirement based on your earlier comment about not usually supporting something as old as 2.4.
> Otherwise It would seem to me reports are legitimate to make and code being submitted for new fixes should be making sure to go back to 2.4 kernel for testing.
> In my case I just figured it was old enough of an operating system and wasn't going to trouble the dev here but I never did see a system requirement list posted anywhere unless I missed it ?
> Side note:
> A Reason for the 2.4 kernel limit on Nanostations is that Ubiquiti has pulled their SDK, as I understand it they even withdrew the right to use it any more. They are not updating it so users trying to work with the official OS are kind of stuck.
> They still publish the required GPL code(to my knowledge) but w/o the same version kernel you can't load the binary blob drivers etc if you want to keep AirOS.
> Not an issue for me as I flash all mine to openwrt, but is a tad annoyance for those who enjoyed the AirOS.
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>>> On Nov 10, 2014, at 1:11 AM, Henning Rogge <(spam-protected)> wrote:
>>> On Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at 9:07 PM,  <(spam-protected)> wrote:
>>> Sorry for asking this but I have use (and others ) Nanostation 2 which we
>>> can use only old kernel 2.4.x.
>> I think OpenWRT Attitude Adjustment should run on a 4MB flash device.
>> In fact I have used kernel 2.6 on the original (pre 802.11n) Ubiquiti hardware.
>> What do you think of a deal... you start looking for the places where
>> you get errors (and eliminate them by commenting them out) and post
>> them here and I look if we can do an easy patch for them that wont
>> break too much for you.
>> Henning Rogge
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Ferry Huberts

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