[Olsr-dev] Co-Existing InterDomain Routing Protocol,

Taner Kurtulu┼č (spam-protected)
Mon Oct 7 17:41:28 CEST 2013

Hello All, 

We are implementing an Inter-Domain routing protocol which can operate between MANETs. Each MANET can operate different MANET routing protocol in the MANET. InterDomain Routing protocol will find best routes to outside the MANET. 

First, we are studying in simulation environment. But, we are having some trouble to make OLSR to propagate routing information trough the inside of MANET. We are manipulating the systems global routing table and assert that OLSR would redistribute this global routing table to other mobile nodes to make them communicate outside the MANET. OLSR and our protocol is co-working only in the gateways. Unfortunately, it is now working as what we assuming :( 

I would like to ask about your experience. Have you ever did such a configuration ? and actually how this real olsrd is working on real systems. 

I hope anyone can help me :) 

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