[Olsr-dev] My experience building olsrdv2 for openwrt

Will Hawkins (spam-protected)
Wed Oct 2 23:21:27 CEST 2013


I hope your travel is going well! I just wanted to send some additional
information about our experience actually running olsrd2 on some openwrt

1. - is an illegal section name character.

Our ad hoc interfaces are configured to be named as <wireless
device>-<index>. For our current build, our ad hoc interfaces are named
wlan0-1. Because - is an illegal character in section names, we cannot
run 'olsrd2 wlan0-1'. I made a small change to the code to allow for
that and pushed it to a git fork that is hosted on github.

I figure there is a reason why you decided not to allow -s in section
names. Is there a way that we could work around this in particular cases
or does a global change to the accepted character list sound okay?

I can send you a patch if you'd like. It was a simple fix, so it's
probably just as easy for you to code it yourself.

2. Awesome!

With that change, (and the ones previously described that were necessary
for the package to build), two openwrt nodes meshed properly.

3. PacketBB parser

I used Wireshark to look at some of the Olsrd2 packets flying back and
forth. I love the concept of the PacketBB parser. I noticed, however,
that it attempted to decode an Address Block address backward. In other
words, I expected to see a.b.c.d and the decoder showed me d.c.b.a. If
that is expected behavior, then it's not a problem. If not, perhaps you
could point me to the source of the parser so that I can help you debug?

Thanks again for the great work that you're doing on this implementation!


On 10/02/2013 08:28 AM, Henning Rogge wrote:
> Thank you for this feedback... i will look into this as soon i am back
> from traveling (Tuesday next week).
> Henning
> On Oct 1, 2013 8:36 PM, "Will Hawkins" <(spam-protected)
> <mailto:(spam-protected)>> wrote:
>     Hello all!
>     First of all, I wanted to say how excited I am about the great
>     development being done on Olsrd v2. I just got it to compile for OpenWRT
>     and I wanted to share my experience.
>     1. I started by following the instructions on the wiki page
>     (http://www.olsr.org/mediawiki/index.php/Compile_OLSRd2). After adding
>     the feeds to feeds.conf, it appears necessary that I run
>     scripts/feeds install -a
>     scripts/feeds update -a
>     before the package is available for selection in menuconfig.
>     2. During compilation I noticed two errors, both in the
>     generate_builddata.cmake of oonfapi and olsrdv2 feeds . The
>     and
>     ${OONF_APP_GIT})
>     lines do not appear to work as designed. The *_VERSION variables are
>     stripped down to just the revision information in generate_version.cmake
>     file. So, to fix this, in the olsrdv2 feed, I replaced the
>     execute_process command with this
>             execute_process(COMMAND git describe --always --long --tags
>     --dirty
>     --match "v[0-9]*"
>                     OUTPUT_VARIABLE OONF_APP_GIT_TAG
>     and added
>             STRING(REGEX REPLACE "^v(.*)-[^-]*-[^-]*$" "\\1" OONF_APP_GIT
>     ${OONF_APP_GIT_TAG})
>     as line 13 in generate_builddata.cmake. Then, I changed the REGEX_MATCH
>     command to
>     I made a similar set of changes to generate_builddata.cmake in the
>     oonfapi feed too.
>     With only those two changes, everything compiled smoothly! Please let me
>     know if I missed something obvious in the instructions that would have
>     saved me from seeing those errors. Otherwise, I hope that information is
>     useful to someone else.
>     Next, it's time to test how it runs. I will keep everyone posted!
>     Will
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