[Olsr-dev] strange log message when received netlink error

Ferry Huberts (spam-protected)
Fri Mar 29 08:59:17 CET 2013

I'd propose to just ignore /0 routes.

On 29/03/13 03:24, Saverio Proto wrote:
>> I would suggest we add some more filters in the HNA and TC input code.
>> We must prevent malformed data to get into the OLSR database from
>> other nodes. If a message contains such data, we should just drop it.>
>> What do you think?
> we can do that for sure. What about also handling the -22 netlink error code ?
> you can do filters, but this does not make impossible to receive a
> -22. The Kernel has always the last word !
> I will propose a patch
> I see avl_delete is called after olsr_delete_kernel_route just at line
> 343 of process_routers.c correct ? there is no other part of the code
> where the exit value of olsr_delete_kernel_route is evaluated ?
> thanks
> Saverio

Ferry Huberts

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