[Olsr-dev] reduce OLSR bandwidth by tuning emission intervals

Teco Boot (spam-protected)
Tue Feb 26 20:13:46 CET 2013

Think of commercial routers in the backbone, running OSPF. There are OpenVPN servers connected to this backbone, where quagga can insert routes in the backbone routing domain. As soon as the tunnel is up, the corresponding route is injected. OpenVPN stores in kernel table, quagga redistributes into OSPF. 

So MANET router running OLSR and OpenVPN can select an OpenVPN server and attach to it. It has a set of routes via the tunnel (10/8, 172.16/12 and 192.168/16). VPN server or any Internet host is reached using default gateway (hey, use SmartGateway:-). Al destinations in private space are reached via private network, e.g. the OpenVPN tunnels and in some cases via the backbone.

One may prefer ISIS over OSPF (today not in quagga), or add BGP. 

One may dislike all these MANET router prefixes in the backbone. But such is minor related to the overhead of OLSR on the VPN tunnels !!!!


Op 26 feb. 2013, om 19:13 heeft Saverio Proto het volgende geschreven:

>> Today, I use route injection in backbone with OpenVPN scripts (and quagga to inject in OSPF backbone).
> do you mean quagga to inject routes into OLSR ? or really you meant OSPF ?
> Saverio

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