[Olsr-dev] New plugin: telnet

equinox (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 20 19:18:54 CET 2013


Am 2013-02-20 18:59, schrieb Ferry Huberts:
> On 20/02/13 18:32, equinox wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Am 2013-02-20 17:54, schrieb Hans of Guardian:
>> [...]
>>>> I'm not at all convinced that adding such a plugin is a good idea.
>>>> It might be but your mileage may vary: in general olsrd v1 is
>>>> UNSUITED for dynamic configuration.
>>>> Some stuff might work, other stuff might not work.
>> That's why i asked you if you see any problems with the way the plugin
>> interacts with the internal data structures.
>>>> Also, it seem like we already have something of a telnet server, and
>>>> it's called txtinfo.
>> Yes but it's read only... isn't it? Also for a telnet plugin it's imho
>> missing a great deal of interactivity.
>>>> The amount of code duplication already is well above tolerance levels
>>>> and people duplicating functionality is not doing anything good to it.
>>>> I'm not particularly open to adding any more plugins to the tree
>>>> until people make clear why the plugin must be added and why the
>>>> functionality can't be added to any of the plugins already present in
>>>> the tree.
>> No offense but i think that my plugin has much more reason to be inside
>> olsrd than a  httpinfo/txtinfo/jsonfo. After all it's the first plugin i
> No offense but everyone that has just written a new plugin says that ;-)
LOL, you might have a point here... ;)

> And it's not the first plugin: sgwdynspeed was there before you

I meant in an interactive and generic way. sqwdynspeed only updates a 
very very special feature which in my opinion is questionable at all - 
but this of course is only my opinion and as it can be disabled entirely 
i have no problem with it.
I you want i can add a command to telnet to update sgw settings through 
olsrd - but then we again have duplicate features ... ;) - i really 
think this not that big of deal but yet again this is only my opinion

>> know which allows the user to update any of the olsrd's configuration at
>> runtime. All those plugins listed above do more or less the same but
>> with differnet output format. Don't get me wrong, i use them all and i
>> think that they all are very useful.
>> Because there are so many plugins for this there is no 'route list'
>> command inside telnet plugin. That's because plainly dumping info is not
>> the use case for it. The focus is on changing parameters without the
>> need to restart the daemon.
>> I don't want to step on anybodys feet but if you want to reduce the
>> number of duplicate plugins, how about dropping the dyngw plugin(s)
>> (which are - correct me if i'm wrong - the only reason for the
>> dependency to pthread) and replacing it with the telnet plugin plus a
>> small external programm...
> There are many 'ugly' parts to olsrd v1
> We're trying to not let it explode until v2 is ready...
> But, work with Henning and see what you can come up with :-)

will do!
@Henning: will you come to Confine meeting in Vienna next week?


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