[Olsr-dev] Integration of multicast plugins

Dan Staples (spam-protected)
Mon Apr 1 22:47:52 CEST 2013

Some weeks ago I emailed the list about a plugin I put together (dnssd),
which was built on top of the p2pd plugin. In response, several people
expressed a desire to have all of the multicast plugins consolidated
into one, instead of accepting a new plugin. I wanted to check in again
to see what that consolidated plugin might look like.

It seems like there are two main sources for multicast forwarding in
olsrd: the bmf plugin, and the mdns->p2pd->dnssd lineage of plugins. Is
there any preference for either one? Are there any features of these
that should or should not be included? The features I added in the dnssd
plugin are only applicable to someone using Avahi, and so those could be
optionally turned on or off depending on the plugin configuration, if it
is decided to go with mdns/p2pd/dnssd.

Also, would it be a requirement to not use any external libraries, to
make it as portable as possible?


Dan Staples

Open Technology Institute

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