[Olsr-dev] olsrd-extension to spread database trough the net

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Wed Oct 31 07:57:35 CET 2012

On 10/30/2012 10:58 PM, rene wrote:
>> I can easily see an usecase... I just want to talk about if this
>> should be within the routing protocol or not.
> Right, a good question. By intention of the routing protocol, it
> shouldn't. But olsrd does the job of efficiently spreading some
> information that well, why it shouldn't spread more than only tc messages?

That is why I have been looking to multicast. If the routing protocol 
supplies the local agents with a "mesh-wide" multicast, this should be 
enough for data-distribution among services.

> The nameservice-plugin was the initial motivation, which does the same,
> just uses a separate message to spread information about available
> services. The service-part has nothing to do with routing, but works great.

Yes, I know... I would like to push this functionality to an external 
service too in the long run. Otherwise this has to be re-implemented for 
every routing protocol used in Community Mesh networks.

> The dataservice-plugins are doing the same as the nameservice-plugin,
> just with some more generalized interface to generate or receive the
> data. If it should be part of a routing protocol, maybe not. But it was
> an easy and straight way of using the plugin infrastructure of olsrd
> instead of creating some own flooding daemon, and others might benefit
> from the existing code - therefore yes :)

So you agree, if we can make multicast work well, your daemon should be 
able to use it?

>>> we have a user database (e.g. login-credentials or special properties
>>> for some mac-addresses). ofcourse you can centralize that and let
>>> the routers talk to each other if needed (e.g. via https), but much faster
>>> is a local query, which is possible, if you there is a way to have a recent
>>> copy of your central database.
> right. We use it for up-to-date information about the network nodes.
> This information is now easily available everywhere in the net - you
> only have to run the service and you will get a database with all the
> information. It's way easier that a centralised attempt and can be
> queried locally for map-creation etc.

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