[Olsr-dev] OLSR nameservice to do something like E.164 ENUM and SIP SRV records?

Kim Hawtin (spam-protected)
Wed Oct 17 01:45:20 CEST 2012


On 17/10/12 09:18, Daniel wrote:
> Can anyone imagine a good solution?
> Maybe a generic way for more complex distributed DNS is the answer, I know that
> people are cracking their heads with this already for a while... Again:
> mesh-relevant results and experience is most welcome :)

It might pay you to have a look at the Serval project to see if what 
they are doing is relevant.


 From their site;

"The Serval Project consists of two systems.
The first is a temporary, self-organising, self-powered mobile network 
for disaster areas, formed with small phone towers dropped in by air.

The second is a permanent system for remote areas that requires no 
infrastructure and creates a mesh-based phone network between Wi-Fi 
enabled mobile phones, and eventually specially designed mobile phones 
that can operate on other unlicensed frequencies, called Batphone. The 
two systems can also be combined.

We have developed software which we’ve called Distributed Numbering 
Architecture (‘DNA’) that allows people in isolated or temporary 
networks to immediately use their existing phone numbers.

We believe that for a phone network to be useful, you must be able to 
call people, and have people call you on numbers that they know. This is 
especially true in disasters. This is the magic of DNA: it allows people 
to use their existing phone numbers, so that others can call them easily."
  -- http://www.servalproject.org/about/how-it-works



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