[Olsr-dev] OLSR nameservice to do something like E.164 ENUM and SIP SRV records?

Daniel (spam-protected)
Wed Oct 17 00:48:22 CEST 2012


Another thing I want to do is having some sort of self-configuring P2P VoIP.
Many routers are sufficient to run asterisk and some even have FXS ports
supported in OpenWrt. I want to announce some digit-only extensions and have a
self-configuring internal VoIP service :)
I would love to have some kind of service discovery of VoIP numbers in the mesh
and given that not every node might even be connected to the global centralized
DNS infrastructure at all times, I want to do this somehow without dependency to
traditional DNS.

So I guess announcing SIP SRV records like _sip._udp.mynode.olsr (see RFC2782)
would be somehow possible with the mDNS plugin, but running an actual mDNS
implementation like avahi on each node seems overkill and it also looks like the
mDNS plugin is meant to forward mDNS traffic from non-OLSR networks rather than
mDNS traffic between the nodes themselves.
Another nice thing would be would be having some like ENUM records, see

I see that
PlParam "service" "http://me.olsr:80|tcp|my little homepage"
is already close to what we'd need to do that... Just not really the way SIP and
ENUM usually works (but that could easily be addressed with some Asterisk AGI
script hackery -- however, people might want to use SER, FreeSwitch, you-name-it
instead and they all already support ENUM and SRV records).

Can anyone imagine a good solution?
Maybe a generic way for more complex distributed DNS is the answer, I know that
people are cracking their heads with this already for a while... Again:
mesh-relevant results and experience is most welcome :)



A Distant future vision: we can even have E.164 HNA records including "default
gateways" to connect to (parts of) the global pstn (e.g. landlines the country
or city i am, which might be for free).

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