[Olsr-dev] compiler warnings for regex on Android-only

Hans-Christoph Steiner (spam-protected)
Thu Jun 21 17:41:57 CEST 2012

On Jun 21, 2012, at 1:39 AM, Henning Rogge wrote:

> On 06/20/2012 10:15 PM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> That is 25% of existing Google-approved devices:
>> "The following pie chart and table is based on the number of Android
>> devices that have accessed Google Play within a 14-day period ending on
>> the data collection date noted below."
>> There are many Android devices out there that are not Google-approved
>> and don't use the Google Play/Marketplace.  We definitely want to
>> support those as well as Google-approved devices.
> I think most of them are the Amazon tablets...
> I am curious, do you have some data how many "non-Google" Androids are out there which can be rooted but have no custom firmware upgrade?

There are quite a few devices out there that can be rooted and do not have any custom ROM for them.  That's common, my own Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 fits into that category.

My 50% number is an estimate.  If you look at the EU and US, then non-Google Android devices are rare.  If you look at China, India, and other places, non-Google Androids might even be more common than Google-approved devices.  There are quite a few manufacturers that are making non-Google Android devices, here are three:

http://www.ainol-novo.com/ (Chinese)
http://www.viewsonic.com/gtablet/ (USA)
http://www.archos.com/ (French)


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