[Olsr-dev] no interfaces detected / 0.6.2 / arch: atheros

Markus Kittenberger (spam-protected)
Thu Jan 5 10:51:37 CET 2012

the '100' patch is, but in a slightly different form.

> hmm could someone post a link or the sourcecode of this patch?
ok, my fault, as it was already posted,.. (-;

the point of that patch is to not destroy the forward setting.

> afair olsrd reads in such (and other kernel settings it changes) on startup
> and restores them back on (a clean) exit.
 and this patch disables both the override as the restore,..

and imho this patch, is ... dangerous!
as running olsrd without forwarding enabled, results in turning this
node/router into a potential blackhole (for other mesh users)

while the 900 patch, would (in modified form) likely go upstream,..

as i remeber several times, we said/thought we should disable this
olsrd.conf overwrite (due to the interactive question) completely (i.e. not
overwrite existing olsrd.confs),
as 99.9% of the time users will enter NO

> upstream olsr should have something like that: 'get fwd setting, if not
>> fwd-ia ng then set fwd-ing' and at the end: 'restore fwd-ing'
> lg Markus
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