[Olsr-dev] no interfaces detected / 0.6.2 / arch: atheros

Bastian Bittorf (spam-protected)
Wed Jan 4 15:57:18 CET 2012


on openwrt-trunk i'am using a selfcompiled "0.6.2-git_bfd5f10-hash_8230cbb65b969a0b57c21fc615314f69"
on platform atheros (two of ubnt Picostation5).

i fiddled a while, till i unterstood, that the daemon exits after
some seconds without detecting any interfaces.
Enforcing 'AllowNoInt' leaves the daemon running, 
but it does'nt change anything ofcourse.

tcpdump show no incoming and no outgoing traffic.
after searching the git-repo, i could not found some of
the hash's i can see with --version. why?

IMHO there was a regression with the interface detection.
if I manually set routes everything is working fine...

bye, Bastian.

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