[Olsr-dev] About RSSI using / better minstrel

Bastian Bittorf (spam-protected)
Wed Jan 4 09:31:26 CET 2012

> Such as two paramenter will be configured: rssi_low, rssi_high.
> If rssi on one link is more than rssi_high, then this link is active; if
> rssi on this link is less than rssi_low, 

IMHO this is not a good idea:

1) a good RSSI does'nt mean that we have good speed
2) a good RSSI does'nt mean, that we find a network-path,
that fits our needs (speaking: the destination route what we
are searching for, e.g. or a specific HNAx)

Better make a metric-plugin, which works like etx_ffeth,
but take the speed-values from minstrel[1] into account.

problem here: minstrel only works, if there is traffic, so a
yet unused route defaults to e.g. lowest basic-rate (1/6mbit).
a simple approach would be to generate traffic for each neighbour
when they appear initially and on regular intervals.

problem2: minstrel only exist on linux, so the others are out
(but they are out anyway... 8-)

bye, Bastian

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