[Olsr-dev] [OpenWrt-Devel] package olsr / compiler bug on ARM / MIPS when using -Os

Felix Fietkau (spam-protected)
Wed Aug 29 14:38:22 CEST 2012

On 2012-08-29 2:12 PM, Bastian Bittorf wrote:
> [copy to olsr-dev list]
> can we please switch off compiler-optimizations for
> all ARM and MIPS-platforms, till the compiler-bug
> is filed [lars?] and fixed? Simply omit "-Os" does the trick.
> https://lists.olsr.org/pipermail/olsr-dev/2012-August/006046.html
Disabling all optimization sounds like a horrible idea to me. How about
identifying which specific optimization is causing this issue? If you
can easily reproduce the issue, it shouldn't be too hard to do, although
it may take a bit of trial-and-error.

- Felix

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