[Olsr-dev] Meshing over VPNs

Benny Baumann (spam-protected)
Mon Oct 10 01:11:59 CEST 2011

Hi soma,

Am 10.10.2011 00:15, schrieb Manuel Munz:
>> Hello,
>> at Ninux we have the same setup. Some nodes of the OLSR network have a
>> VPN interface done with tinc-vpn. We used as last resort if some links
>> fail, like an OOB access.
>> in the VPN subnet, OLSR see a full mesh of connections among the vpn nodes
>> to prefer wireless links instead of VPN we used LinkQualityMult
>> configured with 0.2
>> I dont understand what feature the plugin adds. I cannot achieve the
>> same thing configuring olsrd.conf in the VPN nodes with the required
>> LinkQualityMult ?
>> thanks for clarification
>> Saverio :)
> Hi Saverio and everyone else with this problem,
> i think the solution to this problem is much simpler, use these 3
> options within tinc.conf:
> TunnelServer = yes
> DirectOnly = yes
> Forwarding = off
What about the Routing mode? Kernel? Using Tinc in Mode = switch?
What about the "Subnet feature" of Tinc? Using that one or interferring
with this config?
> This way only direct links will get broadcasts from olsr. Its running
> like this for a week now here and it looks really good.
> Regards, soma

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