[Olsr-dev] Possible to fix errors in git repo?

Henning (spam-protected)
Sun Jun 12 12:17:51 CEST 2011

On Saturday 11 June 2011 05:43:22 Jeremy Lakeman wrote:
> Done.
> This was a little time consuming but not too painful. Now comes the
> hard part. Since this is potentially such a disruptive change and
> requires some faith that I haven't inserted something malicious,
We can easily do a diff between any tagged version of you and our old 

> I've
> push the re-written history to https://github.com/lakeman/olsrd, with
> all tags (stripped of signatures) and branches.
> The three areas in the history with commits that have been replaced
> are currently tagged with FIX[1-3]. Everything before that point
> should have the same commit id's, everything after has been
> re-written.
> If this is going to replace the "official" history, someone with raw
> access to the olsr.org server can pull my new branches, and force a
> push over the existing ones. Or just replace the entire git folder.
Thank you for all you work, I have to talk with the other project members and 
on the list about this.

It sounds like a good way to clean up the repository mess, but it will break 
all users current options to pull with their current repository without 
rebasing first.

Of course rebasing should work fine because the source itself did not change, 
but we still have to talk about how to communicate the change if we do it.

Henning Rogge

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