[Olsr-dev] LQ/NLQ reporting in txtinfo

Jernej Kos (spam-protected)
Sat Jan 8 23:09:26 CET 2011


We have just done some testing and it would seem that LQ and NLQ values
are switched or the documentation is weird. As far as the docs go LQ
should reflect neigh->self packet loss and NLQ should reflect
self->neigh packet loss, right? The docs say:

   So the Link Quality says how good a given link between a
   neighbor and ourselves is in the direction from the neighbor
   to ourselves.

Now when I do the following on one of our nodes (this causes the node to
drop 60% of packets exiting via the ath0 interface):

  tc qdisc add dev ath0 root netem loss 60%

This seems to result in a lower LQ of around 0.42 (as reported by
txtinfo in the Topology table). Is this the correct behaviour? We are
using "etx_ff" as a link quality algorithm.


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