[Olsr-dev] Plugin registering a function

Rogge Henning (spam-protected)
Wed Jan 5 10:34:12 CET 2011

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> Hi all,
> I'm using olsrd 0.6.1 to write a test plugin and learn in the process.
> I'd like my plugin to register a function and make it 
> available to the rest of olsrd.
> Is this possible in some kind of way?
> I know that I can start a timer to execute my function 
> periodically but what if I need to call that function 
> someplace else in olsrd?

At the moment the only plugin functions that are called from the OLSRd core
are callbacks like timers, packet/message receivers and similar stuff.

There is no way (at the moment) to call a function of a plugin from a
different plugin.

Maybe you describe what you plan to do, this would make it easier to look
for a sollution.

Henning Rogge

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