[Olsr-dev] Problems with SmartGateway

Henning (spam-protected)
Sat Aug 27 16:35:06 CEST 2011

On Fri, 26.08.2011 16:12:39 Teco Boot wrote:
> I have problems with SmartGateway. Add route to tunnel is rejected.
> I use dyn_gw also. But this node has no default route. So I think it is not
> dyn_gw.
> If selected GW is a 1-hop away destination, is traffic sent through tunnel?
> Or directly via if wan0? Looks smart. Or is this routing entry unexpected?
> Syslog:
> =======
> Aug 26 13:15:25 AHR-175-169 olsrd[2199]: Received netlink error code
> Invalid argument (-22) Aug 26 13:15:26 AHR-175-169 olsrd[2199]: . 

> error:
> add route to via dev void onlink (Resource
> temporarily unavailable 11)

That looks like all relevant parameters of the netlink code were zero. Maybe 
some kind of buffer overflow?

Is the error reproducable? If yes, did you try to reproduce it with Valgrind?

Henning Rogge
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