[Olsr-dev] mac80211 / link-bandwith from userland for costcalculation / plugin

Bastian Bittorf (spam-protected)
Mon Sep 13 14:30:05 CEST 2010

> > /tmp/olsrd/$REMOTEIP/lqmult
> > (which is a simple textfile, e.g. "0.1")

> I don't think this would work well, because we can only encode a
> range of 0-255 for LQ/NLQ. If you combine the link loss with the
> link bandwidth, you need a different encoding with more range.

you are right 8-( but 8 bits should be enough for everyone 8-)

> You could write a metric plugin that reads the bandwith from any
> kind of interface and combine it with the link loss to generate
> LQ/NLQ. No need for some "lq-params" hack. I would be glad if this
> parameter will be unnecessary in future versions because of better
> metric plugins.

ok, then simple read e.g.

(which is a textfile, units in [kbit], e.g. 48000 or 5500)

this should default to 1000.
then we have to find a way to find a calculation for "cost".
maybe an simple switch()-table:

[rate] = [cost]
1000 = 600.000
54000 = 11.111
300000 = 2.000
wire = 1.000

somebody has to find a good table, maybe not linear...
the textfile is ofcourse only a quick and dirty solution,
but works OS-independent...

maybe there is no need for link-loss (and therefore combining), 
because minstrel already finds the "best" rate? (but needs 
some data-transfer in regular intervals)

somebody has time to fork ff_etx?

bye, Bastian

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