[Olsr-dev] Tunnel branch merged back into stable

Teco Boot (spam-protected)
Sat Feb 20 11:30:05 CET 2010


I'll provide an updated dyn_gw (Monday).
It makes dyn_gw_plain obsolete.
To be decided if / when to remove dyn_gw_plain. 

We just started to look at / clean up mDNS.
We planned a p2pd plugin, this will be a more generic solution,
supporting any peer to peer discovery (for now: UDP only).
It takes a few more days or weeks.
Saverio: what are your plans? On schedule? Cooperate?

Regards, Teco

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>Van: (spam-protected) [mailto:olsr-dev-
>(spam-protected)] Namens Henning Rogge
>Verzonden: vrijdag 19 februari 2010 20:05
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>Onderwerp: [Olsr-dev] Tunnel branch merged back into stable
>the smartgateway system just finished it's first full test, so I have
>the tunnel branch back into stable and increased the version to pre-
>This means both NIIT and asymmetric gateway tunnels are in stable now
>have been tested a little bit in my virtual machines).
>TODO-List until
>- add parameters for policy routing tables for smartgateways
>- include mDNS-Plugin by Saverio
>- find someone who can tell me if the "thread-less" BMF is working
>- do more testing
>- switch smartgateway "default on"

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