[Olsr-dev] Updating from 0.5.4 to present

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Fri Apr 16 08:15:03 CEST 2010

On Fri April 16 2010 07:04:30 Jeremy King wrote:
> Hey all,
> I have a build of olsr 0.5.4 for WinCE, that a sub-contractor got working.
> I would like to update that to the latest stable olsr (0.5.6 r8?), but I'm
> not sure how would be the best method. I'm not even sure what the
> contractor did to get it working on CE, originally. I supposed the easiest
> way would be to get the latest code, and compare all files in the two
> projects. That would depend on how much olsr has changed. If there have
> been major, fundamental changes, it will be hard to follow and update.
There has been a lot of changes, but I don't think there were really 
fundamental changes which interfere with the OS-independent core.

Most likely your subcontractor wrote a WinCE os-specific part for the OLSRd 
core. Would have been easier for everyone if he had pushed his code to our 
repository, so we could keep it in sync. ;)

> Do the plug-ins compile with olsr, or are they separate projects?

There are external projects for plugins, but most are now (olsr-stable branch) 
inside the OLSRd repository too.

> Also, it seems that the project makes an command-line-only executable,
> which in CE, must be run from a console window. I would rather have
> something that runs in the background, and make a gui to show performance
> and allow configuration. I can probably port the Windows gui to CE, but
> the main executable is written using cygwin and I am not familiar with
> that. Has anyone looked into porting olsr to a Visual Studio project? I'm
> much more familiar with VS, than cygwin, and I could port a Windows VS
> project to CE faster.

> I guess as a last question, do you all have some links/site where I can get
> comparisons between cygwin(unix) and VS, and info on how calls in one are
> done in the other?
If you want a win32 executable just use the mingw compiler, which is a GCC 
version for win32. There is even crosscompile support so that you can create 
the win32 executable from unix. This way you don't need cygwin.

Henning Rogge

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