[Olsr-dev] Updating from 0.5.4 to present

Jeremy King (spam-protected)
Fri Apr 16 07:04:30 CEST 2010

Hey all,

I have a build of olsr 0.5.4 for WinCE, that a sub-contractor got working. I
would like to update that to the latest stable olsr (0.5.6 r8?), but I'm not
sure how would be the best method. I'm not even sure what the contractor did
to get it working on CE, originally. I supposed the easiest way would be to
get the latest code, and compare all files in the two projects. That would
depend on how much olsr has changed. If there have been major, fundamental
changes, it will be hard to follow and update.

Do the plug-ins compile with olsr, or are they separate projects?

Also, it seems that the project makes an command-line-only executable, which
in CE, must be run from a console window. I would rather have something that
runs in the background, and make a gui to show performance and allow
configuration. I can probably port the Windows gui to CE, but the main
executable is written using cygwin and I am not familiar with that. Has
anyone looked into porting olsr to a Visual Studio project? I'm much more
familiar with VS, than cygwin, and I could port a Windows VS project to CE

I guess as a last question, do you all have some links/site where I can get
comparisons between cygwin(unix) and VS, and info on how calls in one are
done in the other?



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