[Olsr-dev] LinkQualityMult problems in 0.5.6-r5

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Sat Sep 5 14:15:42 CEST 2009

Am Samstag 05 September 2009 14:12:54 schrieb Jernej Kos:
> On Saturday 05 of September 2009, Henning Rogge wrote:
> > > > But I was using etx_ff and not etx_fpm. The problem might be because
> > > > multiple interfaces have the same IP address, but this has been
> > > > handled correctly in version 0.5.5.
> >
> > Hmm... the local interface IP should be as unique as the interface name.
> As said above multiple interfaces have the same IP address. I have also
>  found a previous discussion around this issue:
>   http://lists.olsr.org/pipermail/olsr-dev/2008-April/001869.html
Multiple interfaces with the same IP is a problem. Not only for lqmult but 
sometimes even for the ETX calculation. That's because OLSR cannot tell the 
different LQ/NLQ pairs appart if you have a lot of interfaces with the same 

I hope we can make everyone stopping this when Markus "source-ip" Patch will 
be introduced with the next version of OLSR.

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