[Olsr-dev] mtu problem with multicast ipv6 packets

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Mon Mar 23 20:03:14 CET 2009

On Montag 23 März 2009 19:46:37 you wrote:
> > Is there a drawback to set this parameter always on ? Or did I
> > misunderstand the patch and IPV6_USE_MIN_MTU is set by some system
> > include file ?
> IPV6_USE_MIN_MTU can have 3 values: -1, 0 and 1. The default is -1.
> RFC3542 section 11.1 describe the behaviour:
> -1: perform path MTU discovery for unicast destinations but do not
>     perform it for multicast destinations.  Packets to multicast
>     destinations are therefore sent with the minimum MTU.
>  0: always perform path MTU discovery.
>  1: always disable path MTU discovery and send packets at the minimum
>     MTU.
Okay, I will modify the patch (it does not apply to the most recent 0.5.6er 
tip) and apply it.

> > Just another thing, at the moment I'm looking at the linux kernel
> > multicast implementation to see if we can get a kernel based multicast
> > for OLSR. You
> What do you mean with "kernel based multicast for OLSR"?
Doing multicast and let the kernel handle the traffic (so that OLSR does only 
need to initialize/update the multicast routes/trees).

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