[Olsr-dev] OLSR autoconf plugin

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Tue Mar 17 16:55:16 CET 2009

On Dienstag 17 März 2009 12:39:08 OrazioPirataDelloSpazio (Lorenzo) wrote:
> Hi there,
> We are devolping an olsr autoconf plugin based on an active duplicate
> address detection (the basic idea is taken from this internet draft: [1] ).
> The code (still in its infancy) can be viewed here: [2] [3].
Sounds interesting :)

> The basic idea is that each node must flood the network with the list
> of  IP and netmask of all the HNA / OLSR interfaces it has.
Hello/TC/MID and HNA together should give you a complete view of the network. 
Even if you are only listening.

> In the same
> packet there is an unique id of the node (e.g. IPv6 address, random
> 128bit string).
Could be done based on MAC-addresses, a time value and some other stuff.

But if you have a unique id for a node, why not use it as a part of the 
Originator-IP/Router-ID ?

> If a node receives an OLSR message with an unique id MINOR than its own
> one, but that contains some IP address that collide with one of its OLSR
> interfaces / announced HNA, it must change its OLSR interface /
> announced HNA.
Most times your CAN NOT change the HNA because it's an external network. If 
the user has connected his private "" Network to his mesh could 
OLSR cannot change this address.

> In particular if a node must change an interface / HNA, it should modify
> the configuration file (olsrd.conf) so that a "stable" network with some
> nodes converges towards a right configuration (and do not collide at
> each reboot).
> My basic question is:
> which is the better way to change an HNA or and olsr interface "run-time"?
You can change the interface addresses (it will become even easier in the 
future because we plan to get rid of these IPs in Hellos/TCs) and you can 
change the Originator-IP/Router-ID of an OLSR node (a little bit more 
difficult without a restart).

> Our "raw" solution is that the plugin call a bash script (passing some
> parameters such as the IP address that must be changed). The script does:
> -kill olsr daemon
> -change olsrd.conf
> -restart olsr daemon
> Is there some other (maybe cleaner) way to do that (change configuration
> on run-time and save it to the conf file / UCI script)?
OLSR could change most of this values during runtime, but the cleanup in the 
datastructures must be done carefully (and you must think about the problem 
what the rest of the network will think about a change like this).


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