[Olsr-dev] olsrd mdns plugin for the impatients

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Sat Mar 7 21:46:02 CET 2009

On Samstag 07 März 2009 21:30:51 ZioPRoTo (Saverio Proto) wrote:
> So, here is some bad written code and a new plugin:
> hg clone http://aquila.netgroup.uniroma2.it:8000/ olsrd-mdns
> (it is just a "hg serve" left running, is it safe? we will move the
> code somewhere more stable monday when we are back to work)
> Look at the branch "adaptbmf"
> What I did is copy the bmf folder and starting to comment out things I
> did not need.
> When the plugin starts looks in the config file for:
> LoadPlugin "olsrd_mdns.so.1.0.0"
> {
> PlParam     "NonOlsrIf"  "eth1"
> PlParam     "NonOlsrIf"  "eth2"
> }
> and creates a file descriptor for the specified interfaces.
> After that it launches a thread (like bmf) and waits for some descript
> to change (new packet). When a new multicast packet on port 5353
> arrives it is created and sent a new olsr message that encapsulates
> the packet.
Can you maybe skip the thread and just register your socket in the OLSR 
parser? It will be a little bit slower, but multithreading can be a real pain 
in the...

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