[Olsr-dev] Idea for a new plugin

ZioPRoTo (Saverio Proto) (spam-protected)
Sat Mar 7 13:03:00 CET 2009

> net, even if the mesh isnĀ“t connected to the internet. So i thought
> about reinventing the wheel... Since olsr is capable of flooding
> arbitrary messages over the net, why not use it to transport text
> messages? Using a simple webchat-interface on the routers themselves
> would eliminate the need of installing any additional software on
> participantĀ“s computers.

Do not reinvent the wheel ! :)

It is cool because 4 days ago I started developing a new OLSR plugin
for mDNS support over the MESH.

The key idea of the plugin is to intercept mDNS traffic on the HNA
networks, get this traffic and flood it to the OLSR nodes into new
OLSR message types. The receiving nodes decapsulate the traffic and
inject it into their HNAs.

Once you have the plugin running on your node (suppose you have the
laptop on the HNA segment) Bonjour Chat clients (Pidgin, iChat and
others..) starts to populate buddy list and you can chat serverless.

Think about this plugin as the BMF plugin BUT just for mDNS traffic
(udp port 5353) with the BIG difference that I do not open tuntap
interfaces and other sockets but I send the little udp packets into
OLSR messages. This is a BIG difference because not every node of the
mesh must run the plugin to have its functionalities. In fact nodes
that do not have the plugin installed will forward the unknown message
types as default olsr behaviour.

I was planning to talk about this next week, and give a pointer to a
public Mercurial repository :) Stay tuned !

About the webchat-interface in javascript this a topic that somebody
at Ninux.org is addressing too but I think this is not on topic on
this mailing list. Contact "Lorenzo" (spam-protected) (here in
Cc:) because I think you guys may share code !

Have a good weekend everybody :)


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