[Olsr-dev] Idea for a new plugin

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Sat Mar 7 10:29:17 CET 2009

On Freitag 06 März 2009 19:20:12 Gregor Glashüttner wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> When the uplink of funkfeuer went down (a long time ago), i thought
> about setting up a decentralized instant messaging software but the
> programs available didn´t receive any acceptance (were not available
> for the OS of choice, were too complicated to set up etc.). Even
> though we have multiple uplinks by now, i still think it is a good
> idea to have a possibility to (at least) chat with the others on the
> net, even if the mesh isn´t connected to the internet. So i thought
> about reinventing the wheel... Since olsr is capable of flooding
> arbitrary messages over the net, why not use it to transport text
> messages? Using a simple webchat-interface on the routers themselves
> would eliminate the need of installing any additional software on
> participant´s computers.
I really like the idea. We have talked about something like this for some 
time, but nobody had enough time to design and write one.

> I already talked to Aaron about it, and coded that interface (using
> javascript on the client, which i "learned" a _little_ that way, and
> shell on the router itself) for freifunk-firmware. I read
> http://www.olsr.org/docs/olsrd-plugin-howto.html but am afraid it is a
> little too much for me - i know nothing about C. Anyone interested in
> coding that stuff? It only needs to read from one text file (line by
> line) and hand the messages to olsr and write received messages to
> another text file respectively (increasing a counter in a third file).
> If the "inbox" reaches a certain size, it should also delete oldest
> messages from that file.
Hmm... I'm not sure I'm happy with the idea of communicating through 
textfiles. Could we directly communicate with the clients webbrowser through a 
socket (creating primitive http code with javascript and use the javascript 
sendxml code for getting stuff back) ?

> If anybody is interested in developing such a plugin i would be very
> happy to tell more details and send a copy of the webinterface.
I think we should brainstorm a little bit what are the minimum requirements we 
would like to have this chat programm. Especially in freifunk networks like 
Berlin/Vienna just putting everyone into the same chat will become a little 
bit "crowded". ;)


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