[Olsr-dev] integrate with new physical layer

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> Subject: [Olsr-dev] integrate with new physical layer
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> I'm trying to integrate OLSR with some radios and I'm having a hard
> time with the way it uses sockets.  The radios connect via USB but I
> can't seem to poll that interface.  Is it feasible to redirect packets
> to an external queue or even a file that I could poll from another
> app?  Any advice on this idea would be great.
> Looking at the source, I think I need to modify the net_output
> function to change the output away from a traditional socket and
> perhaps olsr_poll_sockets to inject packets back into OLSR after the
> radio receives it.
> Thanks.
Perhaps the simplest way without having to modify the OLSRd code is to
create a network device (netdev) on top the USB interface.

Have a look at the "usbnet" driver,  http://www.linux-usb.org/usbnet/

In the past, I had ran OLSR on PPP-over-RS232 by creating a PPP network
interface over the RS-232 serial device. (don't expect the speed to be  

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