[Olsr-dev] With medium/high traffic (using iperf) the wifi link turn off frequently (rate goes to 0Mb/s)

Douglas Diniz (spam-protected)
Fri Feb 27 02:46:39 CET 2009

Hi, i'm using olsr with the following setup:

[PC1] <----- ethernet -----> [T1] . . . . . . . . . wifi  . . . . . . . [T2]
<----- ethernet -----> [PC2]

where I have two wifi terminals (T1 and T2) connected in ad-hoc mode with
olsr, and each one conected to a pc (Pc1 and PC2).

I'm using the default settings in olsrd.conf.

When I create a iperf traffic between PC1 and PC2, the rate goes to 0Mb/s
frequently for 3-10s. The interval between this stops aren't regular, but
this happen about one times per minute (sometimes more frequently, sometimes

This problem doesn't occours when i kill the olsrd process and create some
static routes, so the problem is related with olsr.

This is a knows problem?

This is related with the olsr messages priority?

What can I do?

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