[Olsr-dev] Improved Txtinfo with statistics support

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Thu Feb 12 18:58:56 CET 2009

Hello everybody,

to understand what's going on in our networks I have pushed an enhanced 
version of the txtinfo plugin into the development repository. No old command 
was changed, I just added a new command called "/stats".

The new plugin collects a number of statistics about incoming messages 
(without counting duplicates) and traffic.

The first table contains the number of messages (named in the first column) 
which were received by the OLSR node. The first five number columns contain 
the values for the last five seconds, the sixth column (last min.) contains 
the total packages for the last minute and the last column (average) is just 
"last min."/60.
The row "Rel.TCs" (relevant TCs) contain the number of TCs which have 
triggered a SPF run (because they contained at least one LQ/NLQ pair which 
differed relevantly from the stored topology base).

Below this you get a small statistics about the raw incoming traffic at the 
OLSR node.

A first result of my "research" in the network in Vienna:
1.) a node gets ~ 400 TCs per second... OUCH !
2.) 85% of the TCs just contain "retransmissions"

So if we can find better sollutions for "retransmissions" we could easily 
redcuce the OLSR traffic by factor 5 or more ! :)

(view the output below with "fixed character width")

(spam-protected):~$ echo /stats | nc 8082
HTTP/1.0 200 OK
Content-type: text/plain

Table: Statistics (without duplicates)
Type    last seconds                            last min.       average
HELLO   3       0       3       1       1       89              1
TC      358     468     297     504     389     24526           408
MID     30      67      17      15      38      2241            37
HNA     2       10      12      5       0       854             14
Other   0       0       0       12      0       191             3
Rel.TCs 66      45      63      57      57      3520            58

Traffic:    27072 bytes/s       1862164 bytes/minute    average 31036 bytes/s

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