[Olsr-dev] Looking for developer feedback on olsrd.conf values

Sven-Ola Tücke (spam-protected)
Wed Dec 23 15:36:20 CET 2009


also consider: there is some implicit fish eye already build in: the packet 
loss will sum up when flooding the LQTC's from node to node. For example: with 
an ETX value of > 10 to a distant node, only very few LQTCs will make it...

Rule of thumb: Fish=On -> small LQ-Interval, Fish=Off -> longer LQ-Interval

// Sven-Ola 

Am Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2009 12:56:05 schrieb Markus Kittenberger:
> > So you would suggest turning fisheye off?  The target networks are
> > 5-200 node wifi mesh networks.
> for the smaller ones turn it off, without thinking about it
> i think 200 nodes will still be quite well manageable without fisheye,
> depends on your message intervals, and how much bandwidth you are willing
>  to let olsr use,.. (or how fast your slowest links are)
> but make sure u have only new olsrds, as we had some changes/bugfixes in r5
> and r6 which reuced the amount of traffic
> if you turn on fisheye, u will have less trassic, but much errors, as link
> state routeing protocols don`t do well if one node knows more than the
>  other *G

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